Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brooklyn Invitational 2011

   Drove up to Brooklyn this past weekend for the 3rd annual Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show. It was a good time for sure, Bikes everywhere. The show inside packed some serious bad ass two wheel machines from classic choppers from builders like Aki Sakamotor to Walt Siegl's cafe styled 900ss Ducati. All the free beer you could handle and my personal favorite Stumptown cold brew coffee.
   The streets were lined with equally as sick bikes from around the country that the cops didn't care for that much. So much in fact that they called 10 of NYPDs finest to say "hey, keep people off the street" All and all it was a great time. If you didn't go this year you must go next! hopefully next year ill make it via tha hawg.

                               Unfortunately i didn't take near as many pictures as i had planned.

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