Sunday, November 9, 2014

2014 CBA Fall Charlotte Swap.

Great time, saw some friends, kind of solds and bought some parts, meet new people, and as always meet some of the old chopper guard! It always feels like an affirmation that we are doing something right when the unsung heroes of the 70s glance at your parts and exclaim, "man haven't seen that shit in awhile." And then they preceded to tell an off the cuff story that deserves to be an intro to a great chapter in some book. The stories seem to always end the same, "my back hurts way to much to ride those rigids anymore"...but not this time. Yesterday, we had the privilege to hear stories from an awesome dude that has been riding the same rigid ironhead since the day he threw it into a rigid. Hope to see him again. The parts were slim-pickin but the stories and meeting new people and the hang time was well worth it.  Hope the guy that went down on i77 northbound is OK.