Saturday, April 30, 2011

A 2 Step Method On How To Properly Mount A Motor.

1 & 2.

Mocking Up

There is a place called Locust, NC.

So a 1960 Ford pick up can make it down to Locust and then back up to Winston in one day, carry a bike and new frame without any problems! good job! Now there is a fifth bike getting ready for smokeout...

So we have decided to add another bike in the building just in time to really stress the next two(ish) months...we aint down to the wire yet.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bum Bars being put to good use.

I think these are the 6" rise straight bars with a 9" base to keep em close to me forks.

new pipes and brass...

eventually this beauty will be popped into hand made rigid frame, brass an all...

the evo makeover.

shit is coming together, hang in there!

finally working on the 76 ironhead.

had some kinks to workout, well their still being worked out...anyway, got a Hammer in Hand Cycles Straight Back bolt on hardtail (repecting the past by keeping the swing arm optional)! It lines up great and after we customize a seat its going to be sick!

now it just needs a new generator, etc...

Soda Blasting an Ironhead and Shovelhead(partly basted).

so soda blasting is supposed not be as abusive to non-metal surfaces and handles not stripping real chrome while cleaning and knocking off all the gunk. it seems to have worked on the iron but the shovel seems to be covered in some kind of paint that is made from oil, enamel, poly something, alloy stuff, and whatever hell else you can make paint from it, that shit aint coming off...but no worries, luckily there are some extra rocker boxes laying around.

 the ironhead so clean, after some polishing will look like a crate motor!

so fresh and so clean clean...