Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting all Zen.

A book about why travelling with friends and family on basket cases is better than brand new bikes. Reading is something to do in between those times when all your friends brake down or sell a bike at the same time, when your out of money and spare change no longer will fill up that 2.5, and you just can't seem to get to the shop, hell I am broke there ain't nothing for me to do there anyway!

Soul On Bikes, Eastbay Dragons of Oakland and Sonny on HA back in the day.

So I just finished reading, Soul On Bikes, a book about the life and times of the East Bay Dragons MC and Sonny Barger's book Hell's Angel both from Oakland back in the day. These books are about building, living, and getting down in the Bay and down in SoCal during the high time of Chopperdom. Dragons started off as a car club, transitioned into choppers, and somewhere along the way made their mark. The other has their own story, both books read like a builders dream, they were able to buy up all the Flatheads, Pans, and Knuckles they wanted for a couple hundred dollars off the WWII vets around town who didn't see the big deal in bikes and swap/trade parts with between the brothers and (red&)white boys down the street. These books write about the politics, the fun, and crazy situations, all the great things,and more, about the days we all try to recreate in one way or another.  T. Levingston and S. Barger write with passion about their lives and building days...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brooklyn Invitational 2011

   Drove up to Brooklyn this past weekend for the 3rd annual Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show. It was a good time for sure, Bikes everywhere. The show inside packed some serious bad ass two wheel machines from classic choppers from builders like Aki Sakamotor to Walt Siegl's cafe styled 900ss Ducati. All the free beer you could handle and my personal favorite Stumptown cold brew coffee.
   The streets were lined with equally as sick bikes from around the country that the cops didn't care for that much. So much in fact that they called 10 of NYPDs finest to say "hey, keep people off the street" All and all it was a great time. If you didn't go this year you must go next! hopefully next year ill make it via tha hawg.

                               Unfortunately i didn't take near as many pictures as i had planned.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SmokeOut East 2011

Heres a couple shots we've had laying around from Smoke Out this year.

Obviously not a photographer .. 

Friends, Thai Food, and No Rain.

It tends to rain whenever we plan to take a little ride but today it only started to rain right after lunch.