Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh the joys of youtube!

Found this documentary on a small sight that calls itself youtube. Its about the Ching-a-Lings Nomads MC out of the Bronx, NY. Recently I have been watching old documentaries on various clubs and other organizations and come to realize that before the days of "Gangland" and various "true crime" entertainment on NatGeo and Discovery there was this carefree way of reporting and the side told be the police was not as important as cool clips from the main content and the awesome and constant late 70s or 80s(?) hard rock guitar background music! Anyways, this two part mini documentary attempts to tell a story rather than feed you shit about guns, drugs, and murder mania. Rather it's men, women, kids, bikes, swaps, meets, and hanging (the best part is when the two builders are chatting about just whatever)...

An NY Times peace with some pics: Graying of a Biker Club

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