Sunday, March 25, 2012

From the CBA Swap Meet to the AMCA Vintage Show and Swap in May (18-19).

So yesterday we loaded up all the unused chopbob parts and crap that usually just sits on the shelves, all those genuine Harley parts that come on our best friend Craig's junkers, and headed down to the CBA Charlotte Swap Meet (already looking forward for the fall swap).  We got their early and weathered the storm, it turned out to be a really nice day.  Though the crowd was a bit smaller than usual everyone was in good spirits.  Anyway, this nice old man, one of those amazing dudes straight from Stereotypicalville let us know about the upcoming vintage show and swap meet in Denton, NC, the AMCA's Southern National Meet.  Oh ya and he was wearing an awesome shirt that read, "Harley Davidsons are for Policemen and other undesirables. Indian Motorcycles." He's got all of us there, cops and Harley's what a damn shame.

In other news, got my bike out of the shop and its a damn monsoon out there, go figure.

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