Friday, July 22, 2011

Calm down Barney...

In life there are two types of people, one who is realistic and laid back and the other an uptight asshole. But there seems to be only one type of law officer.

So last night Johnny law thought that four friends pumping gas into a car, a bike, and a truck, drinking energy drinks, and talking about the night that was just had is suspicious behavior.  The mug attempts to interact as a commoner, fail, asking, oh thats a neat truck, what year is that, and what kind of bike is that, type questions. Peppering the conversations, while using that one of a kind cops stare accusing you of everything under the sun, with questions like, "please tell me your just tired, because you just don't look right, you gotta be on something," and, "hey, how about YOU, your okay"?

And the night ends with cop pulling some plates (okay you had us there), accusing one of us of motorcycle theft, being on narcotics, and being drunk in public...while all along the suspicious behavior that started this whole fiasco was getting gas and four friends discussing how to get back on the highway, all the while SOBER and drug fucking free!

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